Save Money on a Reconditioned Gearbox

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Just because a gearbox is reconditioned does not mean that its quality is reduced. When a gearbox is updated, its specifications and parts are matched to the details and parts of the original manufacturer. Each tooth, screw, bearing, nut, and bolt will operate the same as it would in a new gearbox.

What Reconditioning Involves

You might say that gearbox specialists who recondition gearboxes think “inside the box”. They do all they can to ensure that the gearbox functions as well as a new counterpart. A reconditioned gearbox is one that has been entirely disassembled and rebuilt. The used gearbox’s original casing still serves whilst the major internal parts are replaced.

The Benefits of Reconditioning

Specialists who offer reconditioning for Gravesend gearboxes offer the following benefits:

  • Reconditioned gearboxes are more environmentally responsible. Fewer resources are used to recondition a gearbox than to manufacture a new one. In fact, gearboxes that are reconditioned use about one-tenth of the energy required to make new ones.
  • The production of reconditioned components creates substantially fewer carbon emissions than the building of new ones.
  • Businesses that recondition gearboxes use technologies that make the gearboxes more economical and dependable than they were in the past.

Choosing a More Economical Alternative

When you choose a specialist that reconditions gearboxes, you can rest easier about this type of upgrade. As a new gearbox can lead to a good deal of sticker shock, it is better to turn to professionals in the field that can repair your vehicle with a solid alternative.

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