How to Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen


There is always a risk that your car could be broken into or stolen if you own one. Thieves these days are very swift with stealing a car regardless of its age, make and model. That is why you need to stay alert to protect your car and its content. Preventing your car from being stolen takes a lot more than just simply pressing the lock button on your car key.

  1. Do not Walk Away until You Check your Car is Locked 

These days most cars make a sound or have the feature to give a visual signal when the central locking in the car is activated. In order to ensure your central locking is fully functioning it is very important that you stay close to the car and look out for these signals. Pull the door handle before you walk away, if in doubt.

  1. Park Wisely 

Try to park your car in a secure driveway or garage. But if you do not have one, park your car in a well-lit area or in the security camera view.

  1. Hide or Remove Your Belongings 

If valuable items such as wallets, phones and sat-navs are on display, your car is more likely to be targeted. Remove these valuable belongings from the car or hide them away in the glove compartment or under the seats so it does not attract thief’s attention. Remove sat-nav holders and any suction marks on the windscreen. These can indicate that you have valuable items in the car.

  1. Increase Your Security 

Many new model cars come fitted with an alarm and immobilizer. But there are several ways to further increase your car’s security. By using a steering wheel lock you can make it impossible for the thief to steer the wheel. If the worst happens and your car is stolen, a tracking device fitted to your car will be useful to allow yourself and the police to locate your car using GPS.

  1. Never Leave Your Car Running Unattended 

Thieves would not think twice before taking advantage of an opportunity, whether you are de-icing your car on a cold winter morning or just popping into the shop. A thief will grab the opportunity to break into your car.

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