How to ensure Wheel Safety

Wheels are the most essential part of an automobile, be it a two-wheeled vehicle or a four-wheeled vehicle. These wheels or tyres are the only sources of contact between us and the road or the surface of the Earth. The protection of the tyres should be of concern, even more than some of the engines or surface finish. A lot of accidents that occur are due to the wear of tyres or wheels or some defect in them influencing the stopping distance or time. It is important to maintain the wheels or our vehicles to ensure Wheel Safety, therefore, ensuring road safety. There is a number of ways to ensure Wheel Safety. But we can ensure safety only if we know the possible problems. Therefore, we shall discuss the number of problems that might arise and then discuss how we can rid ourselves of these complications so as to ensure WHEEL SAFETY.

The wheels of a vehicle can go through the following mishaps and can be avoided in the following ways:


The wheels of every vehicle have certain pressure values that have to be followed and maintained. The wheels might get damaged if the pressure is too low or if there is too much load applied to them, it might lead to damage in the structure of the wheel itself.

This can be avoided by making sure to get the pressure checked and not overloading the vehicles.


The wheels can get damaged due to wear, which happens due to friction. This can lead to the weakening of the strength of the wheels. This could also sometimes lead to the driver to lose control over steering.

The process of ageing cannot really be avoided because of wear. This can be overcome by checking on the wheels and replacing them as and when required.


It is very important to make sure the wheels are aligned. If the wheels are not aligned, wobbling will be experienced. This will lead to the wear of not only wheels but also the complete vehicle.

Regular services should include wheel alignment. This will aid the safe ride or drive.


The number of nuts used and checking on how tight they are is important to make sure the wheels are safely in place. There are products to make sure they are in place. These are called Wheel-Check. They are available in the market. But these also have to be maintained as they are heat sensitive.


The wheels specified for every different vehicle has a specified speed it is capable of attaining. This speed has to be maintained to ensure wheel safety and long-lasting efficiency. The speed chart is as follows:

Speed RatingMiles/HourKm/HourApplication
M81 mph130 km/h
N87 mph140 km/hTemporary spare tires
P93 mph150 km/h
Q99 mph160 km/hStudless and studded winter tires
R106 mph170 km/hHeavy duty light truck tires
S112 mph180 km/hFamily sedans and vans
T118 mph190 km/hFamily sedans and vans
U124 mph200 km/h
H130 mph210 km/hSports sedans and coupes
V149 mph240 km/hSports sedans, coupes and sports cars
W168 mph270 km/hExotic sports cars
Y186 mph300 km/hExotic sports cars
Z149+ mph240+ km/hSports cars


The pattern on the wheels will help get a good grip during braking. Braking is a dominant property of every auto that exists. Efficient braking requires healthy wheels. So, it is evident that ensuring wheel safety is important to enjoy tension free drives and rides!

These are a few specifications that will help ensure the Wheel Safety. Following through these are important to make sure regular maintenance and check-up and follow-ups are made. As said earlier, the wheels are the base of any vehicle and require just as much attention as any other part of a vehicle. Buy online car tyres India now!

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