How To Clean The Inside Of Windshield


Do you know that most of the accidents occur because of the inability to see the road clearly and the driver’s carelessness? It’s never safe to travel with a greasy windshield even if the roads are familiar.

It’s easy to clean or get the outer side of the windshield cleaned but if the windshield is still not giving you a clear view, take it as a sign that it requires a thorough inside cleaning. Calm down, cleaning the inside of the windshield is just as simple as the outer side.

Since you haven’t cleaned the inside of your windshield for a long time, it would not be enough to clean it up with a glass cleaner. To make the inside of the windshield clearer and cleaner you need to have

  • A clean cloth
  • Microfiber towel
  • A commercial-made or DIY glass cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Glass polish

Once you have everything arranged, it’s time to get in action.

Wipe off the screen with a clean cloth

As the windshield is super dirty, try removing dirt debris as much as you can with a clean cloth. Wipe off the screen thoroughly, leaving the dirtiest part for the end as no one wants to spread the dirt, grease all over the surface.

Treat it with DIY or commercial-made glass cleaner

Now that the windshield is giving you a better view, give it a boost with DIY or commercial-made glass cleaner. There are several DIY recipes that are cheap, easy-to-make, and quite effective in cleaning the glass.

To make a DIY cleaner, add ¼ cup of distilled vinegar, ¼ rubbing alcohol, 2 cups of water, 10 drops of your favorite essential oil, and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, give it a good mix, spray it on the microfiber towel, and wipe off the glass thoroughly.

Cut the grease with rubbing alcohol

Dampen the clean microfiber towel with rubbing alcohol and cut the grease that is still residing on the glass. You can end cleaning here but if you want to make it look clearer and finer, finish it up with glass polish.

Touch it up with glass polish

Now that your glass is as clean as it should be, you can skip this step or choose to touch it up with glass polish. The glass polish will remove all the remaining tough scratches, minerals, and spatter making the windshield imperfect.

If the inside of the windshield is being frequently treated with glass cleaner, you can simply reward yourself with a clear better view by just cutting off the grease and dirt with rubbing alcohol and finishing it up with glass polish. So, if you are always in a hurry, maintain the windshield with rubbing alcohol and glass polish.

In brief, cleaning the windshield from the inside is as important as wiping off the dirt from the outside. It gives the driver a better and finer view. The windshield can be cleaned by wiping off the dirt with a glass cleaner and treating it with rubbing alcohol and glass polish.

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