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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Used Car Buying

Used Car Buying
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We are all aware of the nightmare stories that are always circulating, when unsuspecting motorists are tricked into buying a wreck that was carefully disguised, or at best, overpriced. In fact, this fear alone is responsible for many people opting for a new car, even though they can’t really afford it, and with so many clever ways of concealing the true history of a modern vehicle, there is one way to ensure value for money, and that is to buy a certified second hand car from a dealership.

  • Dealership Warranty – Typically, a Toyota dealer would not only stock the entire range of new vehicles, they would have a number of used vehicles for sale, which came as the result in a part exchange for a new model. This means the car has first undergone an extensive inspection, and anything that required attention would be carried out, and then the car would be given the dealer’s seal of approval, which comes with a generous warranty. There are, for example, used cars for sale in Canberra where the dealer gives a warranty on the vehicle and with reasonable prices and competitive finance, buying a second hand car is no longer the risk it once was.
  • Large Dealerships – Ideally, you should source an established dealer who would have 3 or 4 locations, and with a range of makes and models, all under warranty, this makes for the ideal hunting ground if you are in the market for good used car. One of the attractions of an established dealer is they would have more of a choice, and the model you had your heart set on might have as many as 5 or 6 examples, which really widens your scope. If they have multiple showrooms, there are even more cars to view, and after pinpointing the ideal car, you can rest assured it is in tip-top condition.
  • Avoid Private Sales – Simply put, if you only buy from a recognised auto dealer, then you have eliminated the risk of buying a sub-standard car, and not only that, a private sale would be “sold as seen”, which means there is no warranty at all. The car might look great, and have all the right documents, but one can never really be sure of the car’s history, unless one deals with the original dealership who has purchased the car back, and after some work, is now on sale. In a case such as this, the car would have been serviced by the original dealer, who has now prepared the car for a new owner.

If a new car dealer is established, the chances are they will have a selection of quality used cars for sale, and with a full service history and a fair warranty, you can be sure the car is in top condition, and with online solutions, you simply enter the make, model and year into the search database, and all the vehicles will be immediately listed.

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