Here is When You Need To Recharge Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

Cars Air Conditioning System

There is little doubt that you don’t feel like driving your car in summers if its air conditioning system stops functioning the way it should. It’s quite natural for you to feel utterly uncomfortable when it starts blowing warm air instead of cooling your car. Imagine you are sweating and on top of that your air conditioner (AC) is making the environment inside your vehicle even more unpleasant. Will you be able to enjoy your drive? Of course not.

Until and unless the air condition system manages to maintain an ideal temperature inside your car, you won’t be able to enjoy the drive.

Possible Reasons for Your AC’s Poor Performance

If your car’s air conditioning system stops performing effectively, it means it’s low on refrigerant. And it generally happens due to a leak in the connector or a hose. Since it uses refrigerant to operate, if it starts leaking, you are bound to experience performance issues, or it might stop working entirely.

When Should You Recharge Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

It’s utterly essential for you to understand that you don’t have to recharge your car’s air conditioning system regularly. If you think regular top off is necessary for keeping it functioning at its best, then you are wrong.

In an ideal situation, you shouldn’t feel the need of recharging it ever. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Some air conditioning systems might experience a bit of refrigerant loss with time, which is perfectly fine. It won’t have any negative impact on the functioning of the AC. The problem occurs when it gets damaged or develops a leak. So usually, you don’t have to follow a maintenance schedule to keep your vehicle’s AC in good working order.

What you need to understand here is, your vehicle doesn’t consume the coolant, it escapes from the airconditioning system when there is a leak in it. Yes, you got that right, if it isn’t damaged, then you don’t need a recharge. But if it’s leaking, then you have to fix the leak first, and then recharge it.

You may also experience performance issues with it due to compressor or condenser problems.

Here Is what You Should Do When Your Car’s AC Stops Performing

The first and most important steps that you should take is to find out a trusted car service station in your area and to do that you have to compare at least a couple of them. The car service station that you choose should not only offer quality and cost-effective services but should also have experienced technicians.

A competent technician will quickly identify the root cause of your AC’s poor performance and will fix it effectively. To be more precise, they will carry out a comprehensive checkup of your car’s AC to figure out the primary source of the problem. To check the efficiency, they will conduct a pressure test.

If it’s low on refrigerant due to a leak, they will suggest the car air con recharge, and if you approve it, they will do it quickly. But before doing that they will fix the leak.

They identify the leak by carrying out a leakage checkup.

The recharge process involves the removal of existing refrigerant, dust particles, and moisture. Once the mechanic finishes removing these things, they will then charge your system with fresh refrigerant. You can go for car air con services if you want a detailed inspection of your car’s AC.

So if you have been experiencing a gradual reduction in performance of your car’s AC, make sure that you have it checked at a reliable car service station.

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