Getting Your First e-Bike – A Buyer’s Guide


Are you considering buying an electric bicycle? Great! You´ll get a vehicle that won’t harm the environment with CO2 emissions. On the contrary, it will help you to keep in shape and prevent life-threatening diseases like obesity.

But the large selection of electric bicycles in the market can be overwhelming. First-time buyers often find it very challenging to choose the right e-bike. If that’s your case, don’t worry. We’re going to help you to sort things out.

Why Do You Want to Buy an Electric Bicycle?

The answer to this question is decisive. To buy an ebike, you need to define what you want it for. We all want an e-bike that can do everything, don’t we? But in reality, you will need to narrow your scope and buy a more purpose-specific two-wheeler. Here are some common uses of electric bikes:

  • Commuting. Unlike a car, an electric bike allows you to go around a city rapidly and efficiently. You won’t have any problems finding parking for your vehicle either. Moreover, in the long run, an e-bike will save a lot of money.
  • Sports. Cycling is one of the best ways to be physically active. An electric bike allows you to practice this sport even if you are not 100% fit.
  • Cruising. Some people are fond of long trips during weekends. Why not make such trips on an electric bike?
  • Offroad and mountain riding. For adventurous riders, an e-bike designed to conquer tough terrain is the best alternative.
  • Cargo. Some electric bikes can be used as utility vehicles. If you own a business, an e-bike can be the right solution for the transport and delivery of products.

Once you define the purpose of your e-bike, the selection process will be simpler; you’ll have a pool of fewer options. Visit an e-bike shop and inquire about models that match your application criterion.

Select an Electric Bike that Fits Your Budget

The next step is to select an electric bike that you can afford. The price of an e-bike depends mainly on the quality of its bicycle components. Almost all mid-range electric bikes use similar electric motors, batteries, and electronics. High-end e-bikes use more sophisticated electric parts, which are also more expensive. In some cases, little extra performance can increase the price significantly.

The following classification will help you to select the type of e-bike that you can afford:

  • Budget ($500-$1,000). These e-bikes get the job done without high-quality components. But it is unlikely a vehicle in this category will last many years.
  • Mid-budget ($1,000-$2,500). An electric bike in this price range is usually built with better components and materials. You can get a durable vehicle at a moderate price.
  • Premium ($2,500-$5,000). In this category, you won’t find e-bikes with poor-quality components. Some vehicles of this type can perform very well owing to their high-end parts.
  • Ultra-premium ($5,000-$10,000). These two-wheelers are expensive! They target demanding riders that won’t compromise anything. These vehicles are made with high-end parts only. Electric mopeds and endure e-bikes are commonly in this price range.


With this information, you will surely select the electric bike that matches both your requirements and budget. If you want an electric bike that is great for commuting, leisure, and sports, you should consider the Delfast TOP 3.0. This high-end electric bike shines as an offroad vehicle. Thanks to its range of up to 200 miles, it is suitable for long cruises also.

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