Everything you should know about the best way to ship a car

best way to ship a car

If you want to ship a car across the country, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to vehicle transport solutions:

Whether you’ll ship an exotic sports car in an enclosed carrier, or your trusty family sedan to its new place via open transport, you’ve got plenty of choices for consideration and each comes with its own pros, cons, advantages, and price point.

Best way to transport a vehicle

That’s a question with many answers and in simple terms, the best way to ship your specific car to its specific final destination is via the method that best meets your schedule, preferences, and budget. You’ll need to do a little research and investigation in advance of shipping your car or truck.

Thankfully, using the car transporting service of a proven car transport expert makes it quick, easy and painless to find the best way to handle the job.

Is open transport the cheapest way to ship a car

Choosing an open car shipping service without any extra requirements is the cheapest way to ship a car. Open car transporters can load up to ten cars and this allows carriers to reduce costs on fuel and other transport costs. If time is not pressing you, then consider postponing the delivery. And if you are living in a rural area, it might be a good trade-off to meet the driver near the closest highway to pick up your vehicle. The open shipping for car is very convenient. A phone call to the company usually gets the job done. It is also a fast and efficient service. Over 90% of trailers use open road trailers, which means more options to end up with your car, so open car transport is faster. Open auto carrier has good insurance. You can claim damage if there’s any during the shipping process. Open auto transport is cost-effective. This transportation service for cars is the most economical type of transport. By the way, it is multiple car transfer. You can transfer a number of cars in one go. As for shortcomings, open auto transport poses a small risk of rocks and other debris hitting the vehicle, but the risk is about the same as if the vehicle were driven.

How much does enclosed auto transport cost?

It is usually more expensive when shipping the car via enclosed than to ship it in an open auto transport. Typically, owners of luxury, exotic, and sports cars and classic cars choose enclosed auto transport. The main advantage of the enclosed auto transport is that it has extra protection. Enclosed car carrier protects your vehicle from the elements, rocks, and other external damage. You can get a stress-free experience. The driver will come to you directly. With this service, you won’t need to do any work and can just sit back and wait for your car at the destination. It is also very convenient. Since enclosed auto transport is a less frequent choice, auto transport companies are more flexible in scheduling pickups and drop-offs. The only disadvantage of enclosed auto transport is that it costs more than transport by open carriers. In most cases, an enclosed car carrier will cost about 60% more than shipping an open auto carrier.

Comparing car shipping rates and companies

If you are searching for the best shipping car service, take into account particular price rates on the quotes and also what services are included on the quote. And, most importantly look into business credibility and years of experience. Ask questions to find out if the car shipping quote is guaranteed and what possible surcharges could incur and increase the final bill. Reliable move service provides comprehensive auto shipping quotes with fair pricing policies. Look for licensed car transporters. You can check the Department of Transportation website to confirm a transporter is compliant with federal regulations. Pay attention to details such as how many years do companies have in business. Ask at least three reliable companies for auto shipping quotes. If you want to receive an accurate auto shipping quote, provide details regarding car make, model, condition and also pickup and delivery locations. Confirm insurance policy. Ask about arbitration and claims, before you decide on a car shipping quote. Last but not least, use your common sense! Some transport providers offer auto shipping rates that are pretty low, and as a result the service ships car in low quality trucks and by inexperienced drivers, without any cargo insurance.

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