Eight common road accidents and how to avoid them

road accidents

The global pandemic has had a statistically significant effect on road accident injuries and deaths in the U.K, and likely across the globe. The lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders have drastically changed the way we live, work, and travel. The truth is that even before the pandemic hit, there were just under 25 000 people killed or seriously injured on our roadways for the year ending in June 2020 – which is a little over 10% less than the previous year in 2019. It will be interesting to see just how much more that number will have decreased for 2021. We still have a long way to go before that number is reduced enough though, you can do your part to avoid 8 common accidents by following the below steps.

1.Road Barrier Collisions

Over 165 000 people are involved in car accidents in the U.K each year. Most of these accidents can easily be avoided if we simply pay more attention to the road ahead. Road barrier collisions contribute an alarming amount to the overall accidents on our roads, these accidents can be avoided by focusing on the road ahead and driving at a reasonable speed for whatever weather conditions you may be driving in. The second biggest contributor to barrier accidents is reckless driving which causes the driver to fail to judge their speed and the path in which they are travelling. Remember to always stay alert when you are behind the wheel.

2.Parked Car Accidents

One of the most common road accidents in the U.K involves parked cars. Parked car collisions can be easily avoided by using Enhanced Park Assist technology which you can read more about in a Peugeot 3008 review. Park assist helps drivers avoid backing crashes by up to 75%. If your car doesn’t have park assist functionality, then you could opt for the good old-fashioned/old-school park assist technology – which is watching where you’re going. Backing collisions are one of the easiest road accidents to avoid as they just require more attentive driving habits, you always need to be aware of your immediate surroundings, as well as oncoming vehicles and/or road hazards.


We all know that we have long since stopped merely encroaching on the habitats of wildlife in our country, and with every new development that goes up more of their territory is brought down. Therefore, accidents involving wildlife have made their sad way onto this list. These accidents can be brutal and gruesome and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. The good news is that these, much like all the other road accidents on this list, are easily avoidable. You can avoid hitting an innocent animal by paying attention to caution signs, using your high beams at night, and staying within the designated speed limit – especially if you and your van are nearing your legal hours limit on the road.


Over 20 000 accidents occur each year in the U.K because of excessive speeding, nearly 200 people die, and over 1500 are seriously maimed or injured. Those statistics should be terrifying and yet, every year, the same thing happens. A concerning number of these accidents involve people under the age of 30. The best way to avoid this type of road accident is to slow down, be mindful, and stay patient. Regardless of how late you are, rather arrive late than never at all.


Texting is another leading cause of common road accidents, and each year these statistics show that the number of text-offenders is growing. Texting behind the wheel is as dangerous as driving under the influence or driving aggressively. 25% of all drivers in the U.K confess to using their mobile phones whilst they are driving and a whopping 50% of all drivers under the age of 25 admit committing this offence regularly. Leave your texting for later and if it is urgent then pull over to a safe spot on the road before you pick up your mobile. There is a massive penalty for being caught with your mobile in your hand while driving if you still need convincing that is…

6.Accidents at Intersections

Intersections are one of the most common places where avoidable road accidents occur in the U.K. Over 60% of all road accidents here occur on built-up urban roads. Far fewer accidents occur at intersections with roundabouts so, if you can, plan your route accordingly. If you can’t plan your route this way, then ensure that you always watch for oncoming traffic when you’re approaching an intersection. Even if you have the right-of-way, you cannot assume every driver will stop at a red light – if you think another driver cannot or will not stop in time, you need to be the one to stop so you avoid an accident.

7.Rear-End Road Accidents

Rear-end collisions are the most common accident for all insurance claims. These collisions involve either the driver hitting you from behind, or you hitting into the back of another vehicle. This accident is particularly common during the wet weather, which is pretty much the whole year. You need to always stay at least 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you and the same goes for the vehicle behind you. Unfortunately, you cannot control anyone’s driving but your own and “brake-checking” is extremely dangerous for both you and the car behind you.

8.Driving Under the Influence/Drowsy Driving

Almost 100 000 drivers are convicted of drink driving-related offences in the U.K every year. Over 3500 people are left seriously injured, and almost 250 dead. There is no excuse for drink driving and the most effective way to avoid an accident of this nature is to not drink and drive. It truly is as simple as that. If you want to go out for a few drinks and you don’t have a sober friend to drive you around, then you need to call an Uber – it is the responsible (and legal) thing to do. As a nation, we are so much better than these horrible statistics.

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