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Common Services Offered By Vehicle Body Shops


Maintaining your car is not as easy as it looks. You have to be careful when driving the vehicle and make sure you take it for routine check-ups from time to time. If you fall back on your maintenance schedule, it won’t be long before problems begin to surface. Below are a few important tips for maintaining your vehicle:

  • Changing the oil, the air filter and the oil filter
  • Regular servicing
  • Changing other fluids like brake oil, gear oil, and power steering fluid

If there’s an accident, you will need to take your car to a local body repair shop. It’s important that you do your research to find an experienced vehicle body shop in Kingskerswell. Here are some of the common services that local body shops offer.

Body Repairs

If your car has been seriously damaged in an accident, you should take it to a body repair shop. They will inspect the damage and take your insurance details before starting work on the vehicle. You can get estimates from different body repair shops in the area before making your final decision.


After the dents have been removed from the panels, they will also need to be repainted. The company will match the colour from other panels of the car before starting the work. Computerised colour matching is carried out to make sure that accurate colour reproduction is done before paint work begins. If there’s any aesthetic work you want done on your vehicle, you can take it to a local body shop.


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