Chevrolet Traverse: Appreciable Features in 2019 Edition


Chevrolet as a trusted car maker, always paid due respect to the diverse need of people when it comes to private transport. As a live example of their careful engineering and layout, the 2019 Chevrolet Traverse is ready for anything and everything. Whether you need to accommodate your large family for a family outing or it is just that you enjoy space for yourself, Traverse will be ideal for all your travelling purposes. As a midsize SUV, the latest Traverse has to offer many things that make each drive with it a pleasurable experience.

The Stunning Look

Having the Traverse very much in mind, I was searching on the web for the best Chevrolet dealer near me, where I can have a look at my favorite vehicle, and try my hands on its steering through a test drive. And it was right there in the showroom, to welcome my decision. Big, bold and beautiful, the latest Chevrolet Traverse looked intriguing enough to make your eyes linger on its curves and turns. The design we see there is noticeably sleek that looks stylish with the right amount of chrome accent it is decked with. The contours are dynamic enough to make everyone feel its presence in the crowd of latest cars.

Interior Comfort and Features

Getting inside your favorite 2019 Traverse will let you enjoy lots of space and a mixture of thoughtful details. The interior looks upscale with its leather-appointed seating surfaces that wear beautifully decorated stitching. The Dual SkyScape with 2-panel power sunroof ads a lot of freshness to the cabin ushering in the right amount of natural light and air. The Traverse can make room for more than eight passengers while the Enhanced Smart Slide feature for the second-row seat makes getting in and out of the car easier for the rear seat passengers. Throughout the travel, the cabin with its perfect noise reduction feature, keeps the cabin calm and quiet, and if you want, you can keep the front seats heated and ventilated with the respective available options.

Passenger Volume and Cargo Capacity

When we pack our things, or get something new from the store, they might come at pretty awkward shapes and sizes. But with a vehicle like Traverse, you don’t really feel the pinch of it, as it has all the convenience ready for you to fit them in with its available hands-free gesture liftgate that opens up for you simply with a quick kicking motion. Arrange your stuff lavishly using the maximum cargo space of 98.2 cu. ft. at the back and keep your valuables safe inside the available hidden storage compartment at the front.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

The Chevrolet dealer serving Houghton Lake informed us that the 2019 Traverse won a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from NHTSA for its safety measures. The features include Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane change alert with Blind spot Monitoring, Rear Camera Mirror and Surrounding Vision.

This mid-size SUV from Chevrolet made the best use of its ultrasonic sensors, available cameras, and radars to watch out for every potential hazard and avoid collision even if the driver fails to respond in time.

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