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The transportation sector in India has a symbiotic relationship with economic growth and infrastructure development. Swift economic growth leads to a more demanding need for a reliable mode of transportation. There are more than 7 million freightage vehicles on the road in India, and the volume of goods has escalated to approximately 1,325 billion ton-kms. And if experts are to be believed, this figure is set to double by the year 2025.

However, the industry was highly disorganised, to say the least. So when LocoNav, India’s leading fleet management solutions provider, stepped into the market, a seismic shift was observed. The brains behind this disruptive start-up – Vidit Jain and Shridhar Gupta, had a clear vision to change the landscape of the Indian commercial vehicle industry.

LocoNav came into being in 2015. As things progressed, the endeavour evolved into a provider for fleet management solutions and vehicle tracking systems, catering to the widespread commercial vehicle segment.

The idea behind this dynamic start-up was to solve the grave problems faced by thousands of transporters in India: inefficiency, poor security and lack of optimisation. By leveraging their proprietary technology, LocoNav ensures that every business documents lower running costs, enhanced security and faster turnrounds.

LocoNav has been providing its services to a host of varied customers: from fleet owners to consigners to aggregators. Relying on IoT and Telematics, this start-up has managed to align fleet operations of various transporters with coherent business practices. Apart from fleet management, LocoNav has emerged as the pioneer in the industry in terms of providing diagnostic data.

Streamlining Supply Chain

LocoNav is associated with many organisations, serving different verticals, with the aim to streamline their supply chain management, optimise their shipment tracking and process monitoring. The start-up partnered with one of the leading e-commerce conglomerates in India, and was able to deliver an automated solution. It implemented a customisable, comprehensive dashboard for their freight movement.

Along with that, the company also offers detailed diagnostic reports, that have achieved supply chain optimisation. The start-up has a striking presence in the country, and provides services to more than a 100 cities.


The vehicle tracking system provided by LocoNav provides services under the heavy influence of Telematics. This pathbreaking technology allows its users to track the location of their vehicles in real time, and from anywhere. Apart from vehicle tracking, LocoNav also provides in-app notifications regarding the vehicle’s health, speed, fuel consumption, etc.

All information pertaining to the vehicle can be obtained in an organised fashion via their mobile and desktop application. They also offer comprehensive driver verification and SOS button, along with predictive maintenance alerts.

LocoNav is set to expand its foothold in the industry. They are also involved in providing assistance in vehicle insurance, FASTag and renewals.

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