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hero passion pro i3s

Are you finally taking the plunge and investing in a bike? Or is it time to give away your old bike and buy a new one? If you are considering a specific manufacturer like Hero, look for  the Hero latest model to get details on the latest generation of this bikes. If there is no specific preference of brand, you can make a research on the top 10 bikes in the market and compare the best variants on the Autoportal.

But, the question is how will you choose a bike? Well, there are several factors that you need to consider and steps you need to take:

  • Look for the overall ergonomic design of the bikes. You need to consider a bike that is comfortable to ride and does not cause stress on your back, wrist and shoulders. The bike should be comfortable even if you are on the straddle for prolonged periods.
  • Have a clear idea of the purpose of your bike. Do you want a bike for regular commuting or are you interested in a bike for adventure activities? This analysis will help you choose between sports bikes and commuter bikes.
  • A bike should reflect your personality. So, it is important to understand your body type and the kind of bike that will suit your personality. If the bike is too upright for you or too short for you, it won’t be comfortable to ride it.
  • Budget is one of the crucial deciding factors. Visit the dealers and choose a model, for example Hero Passion Pro. Then get quotes on Hero Passion Pro i3s on road price. Get quotes for different models of bikes within the same segment. Compare the features and price peer-to-peer and make a decision.
  • You may also have to choose between a brand new bike or used one. It will depend on your budget, your requirements and the overall utility of the bike. While buying used bikes, pay special attention to overall depreciation and wear and tear of the bike. Also, check the documentation and other things that verify ownership of the bike.

If you are making your first bike purchase, you must be surely very excited. Take time to analyse your options and learn about different bikes. Stay comfortable, research well and make a smart choice!

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