Best Solutions for Summer Commuting

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Long on-road trips in summer is alluring. Especially when you live in countries where it comes for only a short season. As you plan for your trip, apart from looking for destinations, route map, clothing and camping items, there are some more to add for your car. Conditions worsen even more for those who travel in tropical countries. Not only that the summer makes people uncomfortable, the vehicles too suffer at large because of overheating.

Here are few tips from the car dealers Las Vegas on making your daily commute easier and cooler than before.

  1. Consuming Good Amount of Water

Dehydration is the worst possible attack on summer especially when you get exposed o open roads on cars and for long hours. The best way to beat the heat effect is consuming water in sufficient quantity. Make sure to carry good amount of drinking water when you would be crossing lengthy stretch of highways.

  1. Check the fluid level of your car

Your car runs on fuel and is prone to get overheated while running for longer hours in the sun. the engine, the batteries, the tyres and the cabin all start revolting when they have to face the heat waves for longer distances. Checking the fluid levels of your car would allow it to keep the car temperature under control. Be it the engine oil or the coolant, keep a good stock of them and keep checking their levels after a drive of five to six hours in the hot sun.

  1. Check the Air Conditioner

The air conditioner would be used heavily while driving through hot summer days, be it a long drive on highways or daily visit to your local places. Make sure to check the air conditioner before you start your vehicle for the day. It is better to keep the AC in on and off mode as continuous usage might damage the system and fail to produce the necessary cooling effect when you need it most.

  1. Do Not Make the Car Run for More Than 3 Hours at a Stretch

Though the car is not as vulnerable as a human body, it too requires some extra care, when it comes to daily commute in the summer. As suggested by the luxury car dealer in Las Vegas, if you are driving on highways, make sure to stop the engine and park your vehicle in a cool place for a while after a long drive for more than a couple of hours.

  1. Car Wash

If your car has already driven a long distance through highways and have collected a lot of dust and heat on its way, it is better to give it a light wash in the fuel station which would help to cool down the metallic body of the car. Not only that it would refresh the body, it would do the same to the tyres and the overall car temperature would definitely come down in a while. This would bring a relief both to the car and its occupants within a few minutes.

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