Automotive Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Limousine


Wedding is the biggest event of your life, so you want it to be perfect. A wedding limousine is the best way to ensure best and joyful celebrations of your wedding. Car selection is very important as it’s always the center of attention for guests. Toronto limousine Services Company provides the best fleet of highly maintained and latest cars for your events. Here are few tips for decorating your wedding limousine.

Break the Tradition

Use Decoration instead of flowers, as every single limousine is decorated with flowers so you have to break the tradition and have a special occasion of yours.  When you leave flowers then you have plenty of other options ranging from vinyl stickers to decoration material. You have lots of options and creativity never ends. If you are breaking the traditional flower decoration then you must create attractive decoration so that it makes your day.

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If you want to stick to flowers, then why use one color for your decoration. You can use combinations like red and white, purple and white, even yellow flowers would love great on a limousine. You can have your own personal style and decoration ideas for your wedding limousine. You can create a unique design by purchasing nontraditional flowers which are not used in decorations.

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Ribbons and Paper Decor

There a large variety of paper decoration items and ribbons of different colors and shapes which can be used for decorating your wedding limousine. Ribbons and stickers have all sort of fun colors from bright to subtle. You can also make different styles depending on your taste e.g bows, starts and even tie knots and make them stick on various parts of the car such as doors, rear or bonnet etc. The paper stickers seem like a paint but are a temporary decoration so they can be used for different styles.

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Posters, flex or stickers

There are dozens of styles on the internet which you can use to decorate your wedding limousine. You can use all the decoration including ribbons, flowers and stickers on the posters. You can personalize your wedding by choosing one color scheme and then sticking to it. If your wedding theme color is blue then you can make a contrast with blue and white, blue and pink or green etc. Your posters will not only decorate the whole car but it will save you lots of efforts and time as well.

Customization with style

Hire a car designer or become one yourself but try to style your car the best you can because its your wedding day. Everything should be perfect and in style. Theme should be implicated on your limousine so that people should know that it’s a wedding limousine. The car has dignified importance and is always the center of attention for guests. The medium of commute should be chosen wisely and must be decorated in such a way that it attracts people. You can have lots of shades, even temporary paints for your wedding limousine.

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