Alpman Ilker – How American Muscle Car Owners Keep Their Automobiles in Perfect Working Order

Automobile enthusiasts in America simply love the classic muscle cars of the 1960s to 1970s era.  They adore such vintage models for their precision engineering. Their V8 engines are a marvel even by today’s standards.   These include vehicles like the Shelby GT350, ½ Dodge Super Bee A12, AMX/3, Chevy Corvette and Pontiac Catalina 2+2. However, some individuals still regard cars like Ford Mustang Boss 429 and Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvette to be a class part.  People who own such cars are very proud lot. The speeds with which they can drive their motor cars can put their modern counterparts to shame.

Alpman Ilker – 3 key tips classic American muscle cars should know to maintain their vehicles

Alpman Ilker is a general contractor working for a construction firm in Denver, Colorado. The nature of profession and responsibilities he needs to discharge that make him apt at multitasking. He is also a family man with two small children. Like many of his countrymen, he is an ardent automobile enthusiast. He has a passion for vintage American muscle car models of 1960-70s. In fact, he is the proud owner of a classic Ford Falcon 67. He carries out extensive restoration work on it whenever he gets the time. This is to it works as perfectly as day car rolls out of the showroom.

Alpman says maintaining a classic American muscle car is never an easy task. People who own such vehicles need to take time out of their domestic lives to take care of them. This is central to ensure they are good working order. They should be willing to dig deep into their pockets. Only then can they pay for the charges to replace the various automobile parts. It comes as a surprise to anyone if these components are very hard to find. After all, prominent manufacturers have ceased producing then since the late 1980s. Above all, they should keep in mind the following three important tips:

  1. Remove the debris which accumulates in the oil pan

Most people probably know the debris accumulates in an automobile’s engine overtime especially the oil pan. Those who own classic American muscle cars are not an exception to this fundamental rule. However, it adversely affects their vehicle’s performance on the road. They should make it a point to remove the dirt, dust and other particles completely.

  1. Take the car for a test drive once in a while

Owners don’t drive their vintage muscles cars on the road for obvious reasons. However, Alpman explains they need to change this habit. This is because automobile experts clarify that moisture builds up within the exhaust pipes. Taking their vehicles for a test drive once in a while is a good way of removing them.

  1. Give the vehicles a thorough cleaning

Owners should give their classic muscles cars a thorough cleaning. This helps to get rid of anything which is likely to ruin the bodywork of their automobile. Only then should they consider storing the vehicles in their garage.

Alpman Ilker says owners consider their vintage American muscle cars to be their pride and joy. However, they should make an effort to maintain them in perfect working order. The above three important tips can help them in this endeavor. They won’t regret taking the decision.

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