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5 Reasons to Prefer a Diesel Engine GMC Vehicle

5 Reasons to Prefer a Diesel Engine GMC Vehicle

While looking for a new vehicle to purchase, the list of deciding factors include depending upon the priority of the buyer. Starting from the cab configuration to driveline, from fuel efficiency to comfort and among many other in between, what can never be ignored is the choice of engine. While some prefer petrol engines, others go for a diesel engine for many reasons. Here we are discussing about some of the basic benefits that only the diesel engine cars can provide.

  1. Self-Ignition

As suggested by the San Diego GMC dealer, to enjoy the benefits, we must know a few facts of the diesel engines that differ from others. To start with, one can say that diesel engines operate quite similarly to that of a gasoline engine. The diesel engine consists of a controlled combustion working within a cylinder chamber that enables the pistons to move in upward and downward directions, that make the crankshaft rotate. The power force created from this process is essentially responsible for the movement of the vehicle. In diesel engines, the diesel is directly injected into the combustion chamber with high pressure. It is done at a point of time when the air inside the cylinder has been compressed in advance to a high level of pressure creating enough heat to ignite the diesel fuel without the need of a spark.

  1. Low-End Torque:

The Torque is the basic measurement of how capable an engine is in handling heavy loads. It is a common knowledge that more torque gives more power, but that is not sufficient alone to carry out the tasks. It needs to have a good amount of torque in the lower ranges of the engine’s rev band to make it easier to move with heavy load. This comes handy for a heavy trailer or while driving though highways or on-ramp.

Because diesel engines have high cylinder compression and can render long piston stroke, they are generally capable of producing good amount of low-end torque. GMC’s latest model of engine Duramax Diesel 6.6-liter V-8, can provide pulling power in abundance. Moreover, this state-of-the-art diesel engine gives out a huge 910 lb.-ft of torque, in just over 1500 rpm.

  1. Empowered Trailering:

Diesel engine vehicles are mostly seen to offer higher trailering ratings in compared to petrol or gas engines. The Duramax Diesel 2.8-literI-4 engine found in most of the diesel engine GMC cars, can confidently reach a trailering rating of 7700 pounds, which was the highest towing rating so far expected from any midsize pickup truck.

  1. Exhaust Braking:

The Duramax Diesel engines of GMC are equipped with an exhaust brake, to leverages the engine compression. This is to help the vehicle slow down and give the driver more control, especially while driving through steep hills.

  1. Improved Fuel Efficiency:

The fuel efficiency of diesel engines is a well-known fact. According to the San Diego GMC dealership, the GMC Canyon with its 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder offers an impressive EPA-estimated rating on fuel economy.

Summing Up

To sum up, the benefits of diesel engine-based vehicles are more beneficial if it has the modern technological support as observed in GMC vehicles.

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