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5 Characteristics of a Top-Notch Truck Driver

5 Characteristics of a Top Notch Truck Driver
  • The best workers in any industry tend to rise to the top. They enjoy the greatest number of advancement opportunities, the highest pay, and the most lucrative projects to work on. This is as true in the trucking industry is in any other. So what makes a top-notch truck driver? Keep reading to find out.
  • Motor carriers all across the country are in desperate need for new drivers. When they do hire, they are hoping to find drivers who will become the best in the business. Those that do will enjoy job security, good pay and advancement opportunities. Those who do not could very well fall by the wayside.
  • If you think you have what it takes to be a top-notch truck driver, ask yourself if you have the following character traits:
  • 1. Reliability

  • With the truck driver shortage as profound as it is, carriers are looking for employees they can rely on every single day. They don’t want drivers that they have to babysit. A reliable driver is one who shows up on time, pays attention to load securement and pre-trip inspections, and keeps to a reasonable schedule on the road. A reliable driver is also one who delivers his or her loads without any loss or damage.
  • 2. Flexibility

  • Truck driving is one career that requires a tremendous amount of flexibility. Why? Because there are a lot of things truckers have no control over that can alter the course of a trip. Take inclement weather, for example. A severe snowstorm may sideline a truck for several hours during the dead of winter. Drivers cannot allow themselves to get agitated to the point of engaging in risky behavior to make up lost time. They need to just go with the flow.
  • 3. Safety First Mindset

  • The trucking industry has made great strides in reducing accidents. They will continue to do so, knowing that safety reduces insurance payments and boosts the industry’s reputation. In light of that, carriers are looking for drivers who have a safety-first mindset. Safety is now a top priority for most carriers in the country.
  • 4. Self-Confidence

  • Self-confidence is a necessary trait, especially for over-the-road drivers who are constantly visiting new locales. Drivers need to be confident in their own abilities to navigate heavy traffic, find their way around unfamiliar cities, and share the road with other drivers who do not necessarily understand how challenging it is to drive a truck. You could make the argument that self-confidence can make or break a truck driving career, depending on how much of it a driver possesses.
  • 5. Strong Work Ethic

  • Truck driving is one career that does not hand success to the driver on a silver platter. Succeeding as a trucker requires dedication and hard work over years and years of service. But the hard work does pay off in the end.
  • As for carriers, they do not have the luxury of hiring drivers who don’t know how to work. There are too many loads in need of hauling to worry about drivers who lack motivation or the willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. A driver who is unwilling to work hard is one who will have a hard time keeping a job.
  • If you possess these five characteristics, you may be an excellent candidate for a truck driving career. With just a small investment of time and money, you can complete your CDL training and get your license. Then you will have an opportunity to choose from thousands of different trucking jobs all across America. It’s a great career choice. Think about it.
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