Tips for Driving on Wet Roads from Southside Towing of Sydney

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When the weather is wet, road conditions can be dangerous. Southside Towing offers the following tips for driving on wet roads.

Firstly, while the posted speed limit may read 65 mph, that speed is intended for good driving conditions. When the weather is wet, the roads are slippery, and hydroplaning can easily occur. Always drive below the speed limit, and when turning slow down before turning or stopping. Also, always leave adequate space between you and the car in front of you in case you suddenly need to stop.

Another rule is to never use your cruise control when the roads are slippery. The cruise control is designed to maintain a selected speed when travelling on the roads. However, when it is raining out, and you attempt to use the cruise control, it will cause the car to lose traction and can easily spin out of control. Turn off the cruise control and drive at a safe speed.

Allowing yourself plenty of time to get to your destination will help you to avoid the dangerous situation of driving too fast in the rain. Leave your home or office early, and drive slowly, concentrating and staying focused on the road.
Turning your headlights on will help to alert other drivers that you are on the road. If the sun is shining and the sky is pouring rain, turn the headlights on your car on anyway as they are a safety precaution in rainy weather.

When driving through standing water be cautious, and try to avoid the puddle. If you are unsure as to how deep the water is, then stop the car and turn around, avoiding going through the puddle.

Driving in the rain is scary to some drivers. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road will help reduce the hazards while driving in the rain. Focus and concentration are necessary, just as driving at a safe speed.

Car owners that find they have spun out and their car ended up in a ditch can have the rapid response of Southside Towing for their towing needs. We are a Sydney towing company that services the area with quality towing services that are fast and affordable. For more information or to obtain a quote for your towing need, contact us at 0488 869 464.

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