How Is Your Steering


Most autos feature power steering. This type of steering, also referred to as power-assisted steering, makes it easier to drive at a low speed or to park your car. Whilst automatic steering systems differ in design, a regular hydraulic setup features the following:

  • A sensor that is attached to the steering wheel, can sense when a driver turns a wheel, and provides additional torque.
  • A pump that elevates the pressure in the steering fluid – in some cases up to 100 times more than the atmospheric pressure.
  • Actuators, which combine with the steering fluid, to push the front wheels to the side.
  • Valves that circulate the fluid in the steering through tubes or hoses, depending on how the wheel is turned.

Where to Have Your Car Serviced and Repaired

Just as with power steering, Kent garage services can assist you with the handling of your vehicle. Not only are mechanics well-versed in steering repairs but they are also specialists in battery replacements, brake installations, and all types of general repairs.

Know Who to Contact

If you want to drive safely on the highway, it pays to have your car regularly checked and serviced. To drive with confidence and pass MOTs, you need to rely on the services of a knowledgeable mechanic. Everyone who drives needs assistance in this respect. Therefore, make sure that you know who to contact on a regular basis for all of your car’s maintenance needs.

Find a provider that is also an MOT service centre and offers a full array of options to meet your exact repair or installation requirements.

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