Getting to Know the Different Car Door Locks

In today’s generation, car door locks are considered to be one of the most vital parts of an automobile. But did you know that in the early days after the invention of cars, the doors have no locks? Surprising, but it is true. Only the wealthy and powerful used to own cars, and their servants are always watching their cars. However, in the early 1900’s more cars were manufactured; thus the need for vehicle locks became necessary. In the history of car door locks, it was General Motors who first installed the first lock called the six-cut sidebar lock. By the mid-1960’s, they introduced pin tumbler locks and patronized easily due to its better durability and sturdiness.

These days, there are many different types of vehicle locks depending on the year and model of the car. Most drivers are not aware of these things since it is very convenient to call an automotive locksmith Houston if there are lock troubles. It is good to learn about the different types of automotive car locks though in case there are simple problems, and you want to solve it yourself or help is impossible to come.

Manual Car Locks

Manual car locks are the oldest type of door lock. This lock requires a physical key and was most popular until the late 1990’s. These types of keys are either mechanically or laser cut. Mechanically cut one’s use ridges on one side so you can insert it on one side only. Professional locksmiths make them with the help of machines for metal cutting. Laser cut car keys are more secure as compared with mechanically cut keys. Precision defines its cut, so it is challenging for anyone to duplicate them. Manual locks have a knob installed inside the car by the window part. It can be pushed down and pulled up to lock and open the door.

Automatic Car Locks

Automatic car locks are also known as the electronic locks. They were introduced back in the 1980’s by Ford Motor Company. But they did not gain much popularity until the late 1990’s because they were quite expensive before. Manufacturers embed a microchip in the car door handle so one can only open it by pushing an electronic key is. They are the most popular types these days since they are more secure than the manual lock and are also very affordable.

Remote Car Locks

Remote car locks are considered to be the most advanced type of car door lock. They are also known as the keyless entry since there is no need for any key. Pin padlock is another name for it. They install a keypad by the door, so you can enter your code to open it. For others which are even more advanced, a keyboard is no longer needed. The owner can use his biometrics to open the car door. Other remote lock systems make use of key fobs. These types allow the car to start only if the fob is a few feet from the vehicle. Other models have combination locks so you can choose which one to use. These types are considered to be the most secure type of lock and found in the top of the line vehicles.

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