Fabric or Leather: What’s Your Best Choice For Your Car Seats


It’s a question the great minds of the ages have pondered: what’s the best material for your car’s interior. Truth is, there is no definitive answer. It all depends on you.

Consider these factors:

Your budget.

Leather is going to cost more. Even subpar quality leather is going to cost more than cloth, so you have to decide if the polish is worth the price.

Your lifestyle.

Does having the sleek, smooth look of leather matter to you? Opting for leather seats can be a matter of social status, so you have to decide whether it’s something you deem valuable. If luxury is the name, then leather is your game.

Your commitment.

Unless you’re equipped with a wide range of custom seat covers, cloth is more of a pain to clean, so if you’re looking to make your car’s custodial duties easy, then opt for leather. And, thanks to the easy clean up, leather tends to smell better.

Your weather.

If you’ve ever sat on a leather seat on a hot summer’s day, you’ll know how much that can burn your buns. The reverse is true for colder temperatures: leather locks in (and amplifies) the weather, so decide if the look is worth the extremes.

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