Do You Need to Have Your Brakes Repaired

Brakes Repaired

Probably one of the most dangerous ways to drive is with your brakes are squeaking or grinding. Driving a car with virtually no brakes is an accident waiting to happen, which is why you should have your brakes inspected on a routine basis.

Never Delay a Brake Repair When Your Brakes Squeak

You need to contact a specialist in garage services in Swindon if your brakes are emitting a high-pitched screeching noise. That noise is coming from a metal shim, which is alerting you to replace the brake pads. Once you hear this noise, you need to make an appointment to have your brakes fixed.

You also need to have your brakes checked and repaired if they are exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • The car is not as responsive. If the car is not as responsive as it should be or you notice the pedal sinking toward the floor, you may have a leak in the braking system. The leak could either be a fluid leak or may be coming from the brake hose, which, in this case, would be an air leak.
  • Your car is veering to one side. If you are finding it hard to drive when braking, the brake linings may need to be replaced. This type of pulling can also occur if you have something interfering with the flow of the brake fluid. Either your car’s brakes may need adjusting or you may need to have your brake fluid drained and replaced.

Set an appointment today if any of the above events are occurring now. Never put off these types of repairs.

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