Choose Just The Right Motor Oil For Your Vehicle With This Valuable Guide


If you want to choose the right motor oil for your vehicle, there are many important factors that need to be thought of. The two most important things that can damage engine are lack of lubrication and excessive heat. So, how to decide what type of oil is best for the vehicle? Well, check out the following pointers and let your doubts get clear right away!

Know about various Oil Classifications

Firstly, be sure about what you need. It is the key to choosing the right oil for your vehicle. Some oils pump well at high temperatures, while some at cold temperature. So, weather plays an important role while selecting the appropriate oil. Apart from it, the following are some important considerations that will help you to understand how the classification of oils is established.

  • Viscosity – It is indeed one of the most important properties of the oil. Basically, it is the measure of how fast the oil flows. Viscosity should be thick to protect and lubricate, but at the same time, it should be thin enough to spread over bearing surfaces evenly at low temperatures.
  • Mineral oils – These minerals actually originates from the petroleum deposits in ground. They vary greatly in terms of sulfur content, quality, how clean they actually burn, and the extent of the carbonized deposits that they leave on your internal engine parts.
  • Synthetic oils – They doesn’t have natural lubricating properties, so they need additional additives. They can be the best for high performance engines with high operating temperatures and tight tolerances.

Oil Additives

Additives are normally used to maintain and improve the oil performance. High engine temperatures generally combine with combustion by-products like unburned gasoline, moisture, corrosion, rust particles, etc to produce sludge.

The oil additives help the oil to maintain good lubrication along with minimizing varnish and sludge. The following are some of the main additive ingredients.

  • Detergents – They don’t scrub the engine surfaces like the household detergent do, but they remove primary solids and some undesirable deposits. Their main use is keeping surfaces clean by preventing formation of rust, corrosion, and high temperature deposits.
  • Friction modifiers – As their name suggests, they reduce the engine friction and thus, improves fuel economy. For this purpose, the compounds like molybdenum, Graphite, and other such compounds are used.
  • Viscosity index Improvers – They reduces oil’s tendency to thin up with the increasing temperature.

Choosing the right engine oil makes a great impact on the overall performance of your engine. So, make sure to understand all the basics beforehand to end up selecting the perfect type of motor oil for your vehicle.

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