Cheap Motoring with Quality Used Parts

Let’s face it, the cost of car parts is staggering, and whether you need a front bumper or a new alternator, these things are not going to be cheap, yet there is a way you can maintain your car for a fraction of the cost. Whenever you need a part, visit your local car breakers yard, who will likely have what you’re looking for, and while you might be thinking this is asking for trouble, the components have been removed from old vehicles, stripped down and rebuilt. Reconditioned components cost much less than new, and the breaker will usually give you some form of warranty, which gives you peace of mind.

Major Components

While you can get wing mirrors, door handles, bumpers and other accessories, they would offer a range of reconditioned components, such as:

  • Reconditioned engines
  • Reconditioned gearboxes
  • Alternators
  • Carburation systems
  • Radiators
  • Water pumps
  • Air Conditioning compressors

There are many other parts you can find at a car breakers yard, and if you went to a top rated car breakers in Worthing, you would receive a generous warranty on a major reconditioned component.

How it Works

When a car is written off due to a collision, or simply old age, the breaker will strip the vehicle of any parts that are in good condition before the car is crushed. The parts are then cleaned up, and in some cases, stripped down and rebuilt, such as engines and gearboxes, and these parts are then stored in the warehouse and catalogued.

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