Are Your Tyres in Need of Replacement


Tyres are designed in various sizes and are made for different vehicles. Therefore, it is hard to gauge just how long your tyres will last. Not only must you consider the brand of the tyre, you have to consider the distance you drive. Therefore, the longevity of a tyre depends on several factors. These factors include the following:

  • The tyre’s design
  • The length of time the tyres are used
  • The habits of the driver
  • The climate
  • The general road conditions
  • The amount of care that is put into the tyres

Never Keep Tyres for More than Ten Years

If you have had your tyres in Andover for five years, you should have them routinely inspected, just to make sure they are still operational. If they have not been replaced in ten years, you should switch them out. Even if they appear to be usable and their tread has not worn down, you need to have them replaced to ensure your safety.

Have Routine Checks Made

You can increase your tyres’ lifespan by maintaining them properly. This means checking the air pressure and performing routine rotations to ensure better performance and more even wear.

As noted, everyone replaces tyres at different times. Therefore, each situation is different. However, if you are conservative and conscientious with respect to driving and car maintenance, your tyres will last a long time. Just make sure they are regularly inspected and check the air pressure at least once a month. Follow the vehicle’s recommended replacement suggestions if your tyres are part of the original equipment on your car.

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