6 Best Dash Cams to Buy in 2018

A dash cam is the small video camera that is mounted on the dashboard and use to continuously record the activity of the road including the traffic whenever the vehicle is moving on. It ensures the full safety and accelerates the proceedings of the court or insurance companies during an accident. A good dash cam can escort against illegal activity and let you know who was at fault during the accident. In this post, check out the 6 best dash cams to buy in 2018.

  1. Garmin Dash Cam 35

The Garmin Dash cam includes an integrated GPS system, complete high-definition camera and a 3” wide display screen. The resolution of the camera is 1080p at 30 frames per second providing an attractive recording.  You can get a clear picture of the road with a 180-degree viewing angle that captures every angle. It has the 64 GB Micro SD card. It is a good investment for the people who love to travel very often. There is the safety feature which provides the collision warning by making a sound if one car is too close to other cars. Red light and speed camera warnings will warn you against the danger on the road.

  1. Old Shark 1080p Dash Cam

If you’re looking for the inexpensive camera with the plenty of features then Old shark 1080p Dash cam is the right choice for you. As the name suggests, it has the resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second.  It has the wide-angle recording system with the full view of the road at the night also. This model is easy to use and starts recording automatically when the engine starts. It supports up to the 32 GB micro SD memory card and allows to record videos as many as you can and you hardly face the problems of out of space.

  1. Rexing Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

If you’re looking for the budget camera with a lot of features then Rexing Camera is best for you.  The best thing about this camera is it has clear 1080 p HD video recording available with 30 frames per second with a wide angle of the 170-degree lens to cover every fine detail.  It automatically records the accidents and saves the files for future reference. You have the option to record the video in the loops of 3-, 5- or 10 minutes. The microSD card size is 128 GB in size which actually means that you can record 40 hours of 720 p or 22 hours of 1080 p.

  1. Blackvue

When it comes to choosing the right dash cams there are some key areas to consider. They are picture quality, recording methods, how easily can dash cam be set, its usage for every day. The lenses of this dash cam are effective with 1080 p resolution. Blackvue Australia supports 128 GB Micro SD cards. It records the parking mode with the high-quality sensor that detects the major bumps, sudden acceleration braking moments and a lot more.

  1. Z Edge Z3

This dash cam accurately captures the scene with a high-quality video. The resolution of HD 2560X1080 is so detailed that you need a high-resolution TV to monitor the videos. The camera is of 170 degrees which can cover every detail that happens in the sides and front of the car. It is also the most economical camera that comes with a 32 GB card and extra USB bundled. There is automatic crash detection technology to record the accident.

  1. Pruveeo MX2

It has the highest quality of front and rear view camera. It can record every detail of the accident and save a lot of headaches. Most of the other dash cams support front camera but this has the fine quality rear view cover as well. There are two independent revolving cameras. One records for the 720 p while other records for the 420 p. There is a smooth recording with 30 frames per second. The camera can rotate 320 degrees recording the happening in the front or behind the car.  There is a micro SD card with 32 GB storage.

These are some of the high-quality dash cams to buy in 2018. They are the best to capture the videos at the time of the accident or record something interesting happening on the road.

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